Step 1. Registration

In order to start participating in Yahoo Japan auction, please make a registration on our website to activate your username and password. This operation needs to be done only once, and it will not take much of your time.

Step 2. Place a deposit via PayPal

PayPal is safe, simple and instant way to make a deposit. Soon after your transfer is confirmed, your account is activated and you can start to bid on Yahoo Japan auctions.
Please do not forget to include PayPal Transaction fee of 3.9% when placing your deposit.
Before you bid, please carefully consider overweight and oversize items for international delivery.
* For more exact estimate please refer to online calculator.
* Please carefully check not only the images, but the item description as well.
* For some of the items the price is indicated per single unit of the item. Some of the sellers indicate only a unit price, again please check the description.
Step 3. –Item Search
You can find an item of your interest either by keyword search or from categories After you found an item, please place your bid and indicate the maximum amount you are willing to buy an item for. Once your bid is accepted, automatically a corresponding reserve fee will be blocked in your account.

Step 4. Successful bid (unsuccessful)

After a successful bid, we will take care of the rest on your behalf. Our manager will contact the seller and confirms the delivery address to our warehouse and transportation fees. Upon delivery of your won item(s), we will check the dimensions and weight and inform you the final price with delivery to your country. The approximate reserve fee will be unblocked and exact total fee will be deducted from your account.
If you were not successful with your bid, the amount you placed will be unblocked in few minutes so that you can bid on another item(s).

Step 5. Preparations for Dispatch

We will make extra packaging to make sure that your items are delivered safe. If you have purchased multiple items, then we will advise you to use our consolidated packaging service, rather than shipping all items individually. To save your shipping cost, we will organize a single combined packaging for all items. From your account, you can even select which items should be organized and shipped in a specific package.
Similar to previous step we will estimate the total weight and cost of combined packages, and deduct it from your account balance and order will be placed for the international delivery.

Step 6. Receiving your order and withdrawing funds from your account.

Express mail service will deliver your order to the indicated address. If you do not want to buy any other items on the Yahoo JAPAN Auctions, you can withdraw the rest of your funds from your account.

Restrictions for some group of Items

Due to the strict Japanese customs regulations, all international shipments undergo inspection and evaluation. If the package is found not suitable or prohibited for shipping standards, we might be required to provide more detailed description, re-packaging and even change the shipping method.
Please carefully check the group of items that we do not accept orders for:
  • Gambling equipment, devices and arcade game cabinets.
  • Vegetation products such as seeds, plants, bonsai and others
  • Perishable goods
  • Hazardous substances, chemicals, explosive and flammable items
  • Special group of items that require import license
  • Adult content materials
  • Items under high pressure